• Trailing MIllennials Reluctant To Spend Freely
    Digital shopping is standard procedure across the millennial age bracket. But there are some differences in how the younger and older consumers go about things, online and offline.
  • What You See Is What You Get
    According to a recent study and report from Nate Birt for Visually, high quality visual content can have a major impact on the conversion funnel. From studying brain scans to tracking eye movements, researchers have discovered that visual content is simply processed differently than text.
  • Button Up!
    According to a new marketing trends survey by Campaigner, advances in social media, data analysis and customer experience will be the leading influences shaping the email marketing industry in the coming year. Social integration data indicates a shift in the use of social tools, specifically centered on direct buy buttons.
  • VR Hits A Billion $, But Tech, Media and Telecommunications Are Hot
    According to the 15th edition of the report entitled Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions by Deloitte, Virtual Reality (VR) will have its first billion dollar year in 2016, with about $700 million in hardware sales, and the remainder from content.
  • Voting Millennials
    According to a USA Today Millennial Poll from Ipsos, only a few Millennials (33%) say they are likely to vote in the Republican primaries, or the Democratic primaries (42%).
  • Almost Half of Americans Can't Handle Sudden Financial Need
    According to a new Gallop poll, about half of Americans believe they do not have enough money on hand to "make a major purchase, such as a car, appliance or furniture, or pay for a significant home repair" if they needed to.
  • FSI Coupon Incentives Continue To Grow
    According to a new study from Kantar Media, consumers were offered more than $515 billion in consumer incentives through Free Standing Insert (FSI) coupons in 2015, an increase of 3.7% compared to the previous year.
  • Radio ROI Compelling Advertisers
    According to a recent Nielsen "sales effect study," examining radio's return on ad spend in four retail categories, every dollar spent in radio advertising could generate up to $17 of revenue from listeners exposed to ads from department stores, home improvement stores, mass merchandisers and quick-service restaurants.
  • The Eyes Have It... From The Customer's Point Of View
    Most consumers cannot readily explain why they sample a new product or regularly purchase one particular brand, but the truth can be discovered in their eyes.
  • Data Matters; A Central Pillar Of Business
    According to the Global Alliance of Data-Driven Marketing Associations (GDMA), and the Winterberry Group, the clear and unambiguous declaration about the role of information in supporting marketing and advertising around the world is that Data matters!
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