Data Matters; A Central Pillar Of Business

Last year, according to the Global Alliance of Data-Driven Marketing Associations (GDMA), and the Winterberry Group, the clear and unambiguous declaration about the role of information in supporting marketing and advertising around the world was that Data matters!

This year, after nearly 3,000 marketers, service providers and other global industry participants lent their insights, the message is equally clear says the report: Not only does data matter, but it’s coming to represent a central pillar of marketing, advertising and customer experience practice, around the globe.

Change In Revenues By Data-Driven Marketing Activity, Q3 2015

Activity Change

% of Respondents

Increase significantly


Increase somewhat


No change


Decrease somewhat


Decrease significantly


Source: Winterberry Group/GDMA, December 2015

The second annual survey of data-driven marketers, service providers and technologists across 17 global markets revealed that:

Data Matters More: Among nearly 3,000 experienced marketing and advertising practitioners across 17 global markets, 81.3% described data as important to their efforts, representing an increase from 80.4% who said the same one year ago. 59.3%, versus 57.1% last year went so far as to call it “critical” to their efforts, further underscoring the growing role that data plays in driving audience engagement strategies and efforts

The Customer is King: For the second year in a row, global panelists said their desire to be “customer-centric” is fueling their DDMA efforts more than any other single priority. And 91.8% of panelists said their efforts are at least partially focused on “maintaining customer databases,” representing the most common global DDMA use case. And 90.2% of panelists, say they’re focused on deploying predictive analytics and segmentation to better target and engage key audiences

Looking to “Buy” Data: Look carefully, says the report. Though DDMA practitioners around the globe are almost universally focused on collecting and managing data about their customers, far fewer practitioners are engaged in the use of “third-party” data. Roughly three-quarters of panelists in the United Kingdom and United States said they remain confident in the practice of DDMA and its potential for future growth.

Extent to Which Company Practices Select Areas of Data Driven Marketing (% of Respondents)

Company Practice

Sophisticated Practitioner

Some Extent

Not At All

Maintain Databases to host information




Segment data to best target B2B audience




Measure campaign results across individual channels




Measure across multiple marketing channels




Purchase 3rd party data




Source: Winterberry Group/GDMA, December 2015

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, January 18, 2016 at 10:53 a.m.

    Yep, "data" sure can be important in guiding marketing decisions. Even better is getting smart business execs who have a clue what the "data" means--if anything--- to work for your company.

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