• Digital Shift Supports Media Career
    According to an article from Business Insider, reported by Matt Rosoff, as "somebody who started a journalism career back in 1992," journalism isn't such a bad career choice after all!
  • Content Critical For Conversion and Sales
    According to an Ascend2 survey of marketing, sales and business professionals around the world, 79% of whom are B2B-focused, the creation of relevant content is considered both the most effective and the most difficult online lead nurturing tactic.
  • A Case For More Mobile Advertising
    Most likely, the television is no longer the dominant screen in your target audience's household. A comprehensive new study by Yahoo Advertising, reported by Justin Lafferty, finds that not only is mobile use on the rise (while TV is declining), but mobile ads achieve a more emotional response than traditional television spots.
  • Lower Income Tech Users Use More Tech
    According to Nielsen's third-quarter Total Audience Report, focused on media habits in different economic strata, people with higher-incomes tend to have more access to tech advancements at their collective fingertips, be it that trendy new tablet or a streaming service with a much-ballyhooed program. Consumers that make less money actually spend more time with the media they spent their hard-earned money on.
  • Smart Home Technology Mainstreams Early
    According to the results of the Smart Home Marketplace Survey from Coldwell Banker Real Estate, The year 2020 has long been a benchmark for when the smart home will finally be mainstream, but that time comes sooner than originally thought.
  • Meet More, Accomplish More, Says Sales And Marketing
    According to ToutApp, releasing the results of a study examining the frequency and effectiveness of intra-team communication between marketing and sales departments within B2B organizations, found that among all marketers surveyed, 70% said that they want meet with their sales teams more frequently to review and discuss strategy.
  • Reading Or TV, What's Your Spare Time Proclivity?
    According to a recent a recent Nielsen global survey, our spare time is precious; how we unwind says a lot about what we value.
  • Generation Z Digital Connections
    According to a new Refuel Agency survey, teens (GenZ 13-15) are more connected and tech-fluent than the generations before them, with Instagram and Kik the messaging applications that young teens are most apt to often use.
  • Middle Class Falling Behind Financially
    According to a new Pew Research Center analysis of government data, after more than four decades of serving as the nation's economic majority, the American middle class is now matched in number by those in the economic tiers above and below it.
  • Don't Clip Coupons; Download Them
    According to Linkable Networks, in a study commissioned to Forrester Consulting to evaluate consumer preferences and pain points regarding in-store consumer packaged goods (CPG) couponing and identify target segments for card-linked offers, the vast majority of consumers use coupons for in-store CPG purchases on a regular basis.
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