• Social Media and Conversational Marketing Portends Revamp of Marketing P's
    According to New Study by TWI Surveys, Inc. on Behalf of Society for New Communications Research, social media and conversational marketing will outpace that of traditional marketing by 2012. Nearly 57% of respondents report that in 5 years time, what they spend on conversational marketing will be greater than that of traditional marketing, while another 24% believed it would be the same as traditional marketing. Significantly, 81% of marketers believe that in 5 years they'll be spending as much or more on conversational marketing vs. traditional marketing.
  • The Iron Belt Wraps Around Domestic-Only Auto Owners
    A newly released 88-Market national report from The Media Audit, analyzing automobile ownership by brand, reveals that 38% of U.S. adults own domestic-only brands, compared to 25.4% of U.S. adults who own foreign-only brands.
  • Catch A Commercial At The Movies
    According to the Cinema Advertising Council's just-released report, cinema advertising industry revenues among CAC members grew 15% to $455.7 million in 2006. CAC members account for more than 81% of US movie screens, according to the organization.
  • All Channels Lead To The Consumer
    According to a new Forrester Research report released at the Forrester Consumer Forum 2007 in Chicago, interactive marketing spending in the US will more than triple over the next five years, reaching $61 billion by 2012. The growth in interactive marketing spending represents a 27 percent compound annual growth rate over the next five years, and interactive marketing, 8 percent of all ad spending, will grow to 18 percent of total ad budgets in five years.
  • Cumulative Media Drive Purchase Intent
    A new guide from Magazine Publishers of America announced by Ellen Oppenheim, Executive Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer, MPA, aggregates new findings from marketing research and consulting companies Marketing Evolution and Dynamic Logic, along with the latest research from other third-party sources, to offer a comprehensive view of the role of media in influencing consumer purchase decisions and online behavior.
  • Advergaming
    The Interactive Advertising Bureau, in association with the Games Committee, has introduced the first in a series of papers that outlines a detailed overview of the various game platforms, primarily "console" and "personal computer (PC) online." Subsequent reports are expected to address audience demographics, behavior, and best practices.
  • Heavy Social Network Visitors Also Prefer Leisure Retail Sites
    A recent comScore study shows that heavy U.S. visitors to social networking sites (the top 20 percent of visitors based on time spent on social networking sites) are significantly more likely than average to visit leisure-oriented retail site categories. More than 95 percent of heavy social networkers visited retail sites in August, compared to 80 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience. These heavy social networkers exhibited a particularly high tendency to visit the more leisure-oriented retail categories, including those featuring entertainment, fashion, and retail technology.
  • Consumer Online Reviews Strongly Influence Purchase Decisions
    According to a recent survey by Deloitte's Consumer Products group, consumers are turning to online reviews in large numbers, and those reviews are having a considerable impact on purchase decisions. 62 percent of consumers read consumer-written product reviews on the Internet, says the report, and of these, more than eight in 10 say their purchase decisions have been directly influenced by the reviews, either influencing them to buy a different product than the one they had originally been thinking about purchasing, or confirming the original purchase intention.
  • Who's Watching Sports Online?
    A deeper look at the demographics of sports watchers, their online destinations, advertisers, impressions and ad types.
  • Boomers Vote And Play The Lottery
    According to the Mediamark Research BoomerView study, 55% of Baby Boomers (consumers born between 1946 and 1964) report that they voted in a federal, state or local election in the last 12 months. And, during that period, almost one-third undertook a home remodeling project, and 41% say they played the Lottery, making them 22%, 21% and 18% more likely than the general adult population to have engaged in these activities, respectively. And, says the report, perhaps driven in part by Boomers' relatively high incomes and wealth, 35.6% report they live in a household that owns or leases 3+ vehicles.
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