• Organic Food Consumers Also Big on Wine and Imported Beer
    According to a recent analysis from Scarborough Research, the West Coast is a stronghold for organics consumers. Out of the 79 local markets measured, 23 were identified as organics markets (those markets that have an above-average percentage of organics consumers). Of these 23 organics markets, more than half are in the Western census region, more than one-quarter are in the Southern census region, three cities are in the Northeast, and one is in the Midwest.
  • Navigation Tops Downloadable Mobile Apps
    According to the latest Telephia research, location-based services (LBS) such as navigation, represented 51 percent of the $118 million in revenue that downloadable mobile applications (such as LBS, weather applications, chat/community, and personal organization tools) generated during Q2 2007. Many consumers, says the report, may not realize the utility of a navigation application on their mobile phone until they use it.
  • Wishy Washy Consumer Expectations, Except "Gas Will Go Up"
    As of October 9th, the BIGresearch Consumer Intentions & Actions Survey notes that while consumer confidence rose in October to 44.7% (from 41.2% in September), it's down from the almost half (49.8%) who said they were confident/very confident one year ago.
  • 95% of TV Viewing Live Even With a DVR in Every 5th Household
    New consumer research from Leichtman Research Group shows that one in every five households in the United States now has a Digital Video Recorder, up from about one in every thirteen households just two years ago. Fueled by a continued push from cable and DBS providers offering combination HD/DVR set-top boxes, the study says that the number of US households with DVRs will grow to over 60 million by the end of 2011.
  • Cool Not As Important As Connected For Teens With Cell Phones
    Mobile Online Testing Exchange and eCRUSH, releasing research insight into the way cell phones make teens 'feel' and the benefits they get from cell phone ownership, finds that 77% of teens cited "convenience of being able to communicate from anywhere," while 75% said "security of being able to reach family" are major cell phone benefits benefits. Much lower on the list was friends' admiration of their cell phone features at 41%.
  • A "Welcome" Message Keeps 'Em Coming Back
    The Email Experience Council and the Direct Marketing Association announced the release of its second annual Retail Welcome Email Subscription Benchmark Study.
  • 630 Thousand Execs Control 2/3 of the US Workforce
    According to a new survey carried out by Ipsos Media, America's senior executives, CEOs and other C-suite officers from mid- to large-size companies have a ferocious appetite for quality business information. The survey shows the average American business leader is male, aged 51, earns $408,000 per year, and has a personal net worth of $1.7 million. As a group, they garner a total combined annual income of $246 billion with combined personal net worth valued at over $1 trillion.
  • A Few Current Consumer Feelings
    According to the latest BIGresearch American Pulse Survey, two thirds of consumers say they could survive if stranded in the wilderness, and mother or father know their children better than daycare, babysitters and relatives.
  • Online Broadcast Media Mid-September
    A deeper look at Online broadcast media destinations, viewer demographics, advertisers, ad types and sizes.
  • Olympics, Online Video and Local Search To Drive Global Ad Spending
    According to a study recently released by ZenithOptimemedia, the Olympic Games will help lift television's share of the global ad market to a record 38.2% in 2008. The study predicts that Online video and local search will drive 30% growth in internet ad expenditure this year, nine times faster than the rest of the ad market, and after credit squeeze and continued slump in the US housing market, the US is expected to increase only 2.5% in global ad spending, down from 3.3%.
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