• Online Teen Influencers Precisely Defined
    A recent survey, by myYearbook and Ketchum of teen social media users, showed that not only are Online Influencers more likely than the average teen to participate in social media activities by updating their status at least once per day or sending 3,000 texts per month and spending more time socializing and influencing their peers offline. Social media teen Influencers are defined as the top 15% most active and most engaged teens in the myYearbook community. A teen's social media popularity translates offline, as teen social media Influencers are 40% more likely to have attended a party over the …
  • Free Up Buyers And Planners For More Strategizing
    According to new Centro research designed to spotlight various aspects of digital media planning efficiency and workforce productivity in the online advertising workplace, the results offer some empirical evidence illustrating the need for more streamlined digital media processes. Two hundred eighty-eight media professionals responded to survey questions, which was hosted on a third-party survey site from May 11-14, 2010. In response to spend more time on strategic work in lieu of the distraction of "managing administrative and logistical activities," ...
  • April Showers Did Not Bring May Flowers
    The June Consumer Reports Trouble Tracker Index measuring financial difficulties faced by consumers in the past 30 days, worsened, rising to 63.5 from 53.0 in May. The most troubling increase is in missed mortgage payments, which reached 3.9%, its highest level since tracking began in April 2009. The latest numbers show consumers have taken a step back facing increases in financial difficulties and a soured employment picture, says the report.
  • Coupons Benefit Retailers, Too
    According to the latest Online Shopper Intelligence survey, one-third of online shoppers surveyed said they generally use coupon sites while shopping online. 35 million consumers visited coupon sites in April 2010, up 5% from the year prior. Besides the consumer benefit, says the report, coupons have a significant impact on retailers' bottom lines. More than half of the consumers who used a coupon code during their last online purchase said that if they had not received the discount, they would not have bought the item(s), suggesting that coupons can be a highly effective sales driver.
  • Fast Changing Consumer Behavior Forcing New Business Models
    According to PricewaterhouseCoopers' Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2010-2014, global entertainment and media spending is expected to rise from $1.3 trillion to $1.7 trillion by 2014, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 5.0%. The US E&M market is expected to grow at 3.8% CAGR reaching $517 billion in 2014, from $428 billion in 2009. Fast changing consumer behavior is expected to be the catalyst of the entertainment and media industry change over the next five years,
  • Social Media Moms Diced and Sliced
    According to the results of the 2010 Mom Social Influencer segmentation study by BabyCenter, five unique segments of social moms are broken down into two categories, the Influencers, Field Experts, Lifecasters and Pros, and the Influenced, labeled in the report as Butterflies and the Audience. The Influencers make up only 18% of social moms, but they wield 78% of the influence. Tina Sharkey, Chairman and Global President, BabyCenter says "Since 2006, the number of moms using social media has skyrocketed more than 500%... marketers (can) shift their mindset from social media to social marketing by gaining a better understanding …
  • Who's Watching What?
    According to the latest edition of The Nielsen Company's Three Screen Report, over the last two years, ownership of HDTVs, DVRs and smartphones have increased at double and triple digit rates. More than half of US TV households now have HDTV, up 189% from the first quarter of 2008, and more than one-third now have DVRs, up 51%. High-speed broadband Internet access, now in 63.5% of homes, has created a better user experience for watching online videos.
  • Small Business Shops The Internet
    According to a new study by American City Business Journals illustrating, SMB (small and mid-sized business) owners are using the Internet to improve their businesses. 1762 owners, CEOs and presidents of businesses with five to 499 employees identified five distinct segments for different business purposes. Godfrey Phillips, Vice President for Research at ACBJ, explains that "... the five segments are Transactors, Investors, Interactors, Commentators and Viewers... Interactors, Investors and Transactors are the segments providing the greatest opportunity for companies pursuing the strengths of the Internet."
  • After the Popcorn, Before the Show
    According to The Cinema Advertising Council (CAC), total cinema advertising industry revenues of CAC members, accounting for more than 82% of 38,794 U.S. movie screens, grew by nearly 2% to $584,067,000 in 2009, as compared to a total of $571,421,000 in 2008, despite a year that saw spending in other traditional media decrease significantly.
  • Paid Search Leads Global Online Advertising
    According to MAGNAGLOBAL, a division of IPG's Mediabrands, global online advertising will rise by 12.4% in constant currency terms during 2010, to $61.0 billion dollars globally. Accounting for actual and expected changes in currencies over the course of 2009 and 2010, online advertising will grow during 2010 by 13.0% in US Dollar terms or by 21.1% in Euros.
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