• Private Labels On Par With National Brands At The Grocery Store
    Private label companies continue to introduce better-for-you products and more attractive packaging, all while being easier on consumers' pockets. Recent Mintel research found that 44% of grocery shoppers believe store brand products are of better quality today than they were five years ago. According to the study, 60% of primary grocery shoppers usually or sometimes purchase private label bread or baked goods and 58% usually or sometimes purchase store brand cheese.
  • Computers Hooking Up With TVs
    According to SideReel, an independent Web TV destination with a base of more than 10 million monthly unique users, 40% of respondents had connected their computer to their TV in the past month, a three-fold increase over last year's results. 60% of people connecting a device to a TV connect their computer, and 5% use a box like Roku, Boxee or Google TV.
  • Shoppers With Cyber Stuff Have a Leg Up on Retail Sales Associates
    The latest installment of the Motorola Solutions annual holiday study indicates that the majority of surveyed retail associates believe that shoppers were better connected to consumer information than in-store associates, driven by increasing availability of online shopping tools and mobile phone applications that allow price comparisons, access to coupons and social-networking. The survey found that retailers that aren't investing in technology to stay ahead of increasingly tech-savvy shoppers are hurting their own bottom line.
  • Small Businesses Planning Techie Marketing
    According to the Ad-ology 2011 Small Business Marketing Forecast, small business owners are increasingly optimistic overall, and 46% plan increased marketing spending in 2011, up from 29% who planned increases in 2010. Email marketing and company websites continue to be the most popular online marketing methods, but 45% plan to do more with online video and 35% said the same for mobile advertising.
  • Early Morning Email Readers Use Mobile
    Based on a composite cross sampling of 155.3 million emails sent across 12 industry segments in the 4th quarter of 2010, a new Knotice study finds that 13.36% of emails are opened by a mobile operating system or device, and the balance on a desktop. The report suggests that the most intuitive and useful way to look at mobile data for summary purposes is technically blending devices (iPhone and iPad) with operating systems (Android), OS and browsers.
  • How Green Is My Attitude
    According to the results of the recent online Harris Poll of 2,352 U.S. adults, Americans overall are now less likely than they were in the summer of 2009 to espouse certain "green" attitudes and engage in various environmentally-friendly activities. A comparison between the 2010 and 2009 surveys reveals that fewer Americans are now "going green."
  • Household Media Review
    Acccording to new data from The Nielsen Company, State of the Media 2010, the average US household has 2.5 TV sets, with 1.9 standard definition TVs and 0.6 high-definition TVs. Furthermore, Nielsen data shows that HDTV households have more sets than the national average. 31% of Americans own four or more TVs.
  • Mobile Shopping Growing Dramatically
    According to a new study from ForeSee Results, the US edition of the Report on Mobile Shopping indicates that 33% of all survey respondents had accessed a retailer's website using a mobile phone (compared to 24% in 2009), and an additional 26% said that they plan to use their mobile phone to visit a company's website, mobile website, or mobile application in the future. In other words, more than half of all online shoppers are either already using or plan to use their phones for retail purposes.
  • Business Development and Marketing A Priority For Small Business
    An overwhelming majority of small business owners plan to spend money on their business in 2011, according to a new survey by Manta, Seventy-seven percent plan to spend in 2011 even though 85% reported they implemented across-the-board cuts in 2010. 47% have prioritized marketing and sales as their top spend, with 24% noting business development as top priority and 23% opting for marketing and advertising. 23% of the respondents said they couldn't prioritize expenditures for 2011, given the current state of their business.
  • Women Have Different Expectations Using Retail Social Media
    According to a new Empathica study, reported by Richard H. Levey, men and women use social media differently, with more men citing looking for information as a primary goal (36%) than women (28%) when interacting with a retail brand through social channels. But the gender split among those looking to stretch their budgets was far greater: 47% of women say searching for coupons and promotions is their primary use, compared with 33% of men.
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