Computers Hooking Up With TVs

According to SideReel, an independent Web TV destination with a base of more than 10 million monthly unique users, 40% of respondents had connected their computer to their TV in the past month, a three-fold increase over last year's results. 60% of people connecting a device to a TV connect their computer, and 5% use a box like Roku, Boxee or Google TV.

The survey was conducted to identify usage patterns in the areas of social media, Web TV, and the use of connected devices. The average user age in 2009 was 26, and in the 2010 results, 29, but the report notes that there is no correlation between age and time spent watching online.

Average TV User Age (Winter 2010)

Age Group









Source: SideReel, January 2010

SideReel CEO, Roman Arzhintar, noted that "... for many, traditional TV watching is starting to supplement online watching, rather than the other way around."

Time Spent Watching Online TV


% of Respondents

> 5 Hours


5-20 Hours


Source: SideReel, January 2010

Social Media is important, but only for 25% of online TV watchers. While 29 % used Twitter, none of the check-in services including GetGlue, Miso, Clicker or Foursquare have significant usage among SideReel's TV watchers. Only 10% of users want to broadcast what they are watching or want to watch to their friends. Only 25% of SideReelers want to know what their friends are watching - down 50% from last year.

 24% of SideReel visitors subscribe to Netflix. 70 % of users who stream video via the Internet to their TV do so using Netflix. 30% of users stream video other than Netflix to their TVs.

Viewing and Connected Devices (% of Respondents; Previous Month):

  • 42% watched TV on a connected device via Netflix, or hooked computer to TV to watch
  •  40% streamed video to their TVs
  • 24% subscribe to Netflix
  • 30% stream video other than Netflix on their TVs

 Users who watch more than 10 hours per week are less likely to have cable than users who watch less than 10 hours online - these are likely tomorrow's cord cutters, or cord trimmers.  72% of SideReel users watch more than five hours of TV online per week.

30% of SideReel users own an iOS device. 16% own an Android device. More than 5% of SideReel users have an iPad - impressive for a new device.

Ownership of Mobile Devices (SideReel Users)


% of Respondents Owning



iPod Touch






Source: SideReel, January 2010

For additional information about the survey and SideReel, please visit here, or for the infographics, go here.


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