• JibJab Parody Reaches Three Times As Many As Kerry Plus Bush
    The comScore Media Metrix analysis of consumer Internet behavior this month revealed that JibJab.com, the online video released in mid-July satirizing John Kerry and George Bush, reached substantially more visitors than both of the candidates' sites combined. JibJab.com drew an impressive 10.4 million unique visitors in July, more than three times the 3.3 million Americans who collectively visited JohnKerry.com and GeorgeWBush.com.
  • Explosive Digital Camera Growth in Europe to Slow
    According to a new IDC study, during 2003 shipments of digital cameras into Western Europe increased by over 95% and reached almost 16 million units, which translated into $5.9 billion in end-user spend. Paul Withington, senior research analyst for IDC's European Peripherals Group, said "As predicted, in 2003 we witnessed another phenomenal year for the industry - prices dropped even further and vendors repositioned their products to capture the next wave of digital enthusiasm."
  • The Offline Real World Tops the Internet for Daily Tasks and Recreation
    Based on the findings of a daily tracking survey on Americans' use of the Internet by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 88% of online Americans say the Internet plays a role in their daily routines. Of those, one-third say it plays a major role, and two-thirds say it plays a minor role. The activities they identified as most significant are communicating with family and friends and finding a wealth of information at their fingertips.
  • WalMart Shoppers Are Bush Supporters
    BIGresearch conducted the largest online Presidential poll this month as a part of the Consumer Intentions and Actions Study. The report finds that a higher percentage Bush loyalists and Undecided voters shop at WalMart than those supporting Kerry, especially when it comes to shopping for Prescription Drugs, a highly debated issue.
  • Online Family Resource Destinations, Demographics, Ad Technologies & Delivery
    Online Family Resource Destinations, Demographics, Ad Technologies & Delivery
  • Hotel Guest Broadband Service Hot Promotional Tool
    In-Stat/MDR reports that while the concept of hotel broadband had a rocky beginning, the market has since stabilized, and hotels, guests, and providers alike are embracing the idea. Total properties deployed will grow from 5,207 in 2003 to 26,828 in 2008.
  • Outside New York Metro, NYT, WSJ and USA Today Have 15 Million Readers
    Collectively, in 80 markets, the New York Times has 6.1 million readers, USA Today has 5.3 million and the Wall Street Journal has 3.7 million, says Bob Jordan, president of International Demographics, producer of The Media Audit. Jordan stresses, that "these are readers, not subscribers. These are people who say they have read one or more of the last five editions of these publications."
  • US Teens Can Buy The Entire Russian GDP by 2006
    According to The U.S. Teens Market, a new report from Packaged Facts, by 2006 12- to 19-year-olds in the United States are projected to have a buying power that will top the $182 billion gross domestic product of Russia, increasing a staggering 27.7% to $190 billion between 2001 and 2006 due to higher earnings from jobs held by teens, as well as a jump in family expenditures on teens.
  • Apparel, Beauty and Jewelry On The Internet
    A drill down into Apparel, Beauty and Jewelry sites, demographics, ad types, sizes and delivery technologies.
  • Digital TV Platform, Where Available, Serves 45% of Multichannel Households
    According to the State of Digital and Interactive Television 2004 study from Horowitz Associates of 800 cable and satellite consumers, 28% of consumers surveyed say they have digital cable service while 20% have a satellite dish. In all, 45% of multichannel households in markets where digital cable is available are on the digital platform, either from their cable or satellite provider.
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