Hotel Guest Broadband Service Hot Promotional Tool

Hotel Guest Broadband Service Hot Promotional Tool

In-Stat/MDR reports that while the concept of hotel broadband had a rocky beginning, the market has since stabilized, and hotels, guests, and providers alike are embracing the idea. Total properties deployed will grow from 5,207 in 2003 to 26,828 in 2008.

Despite a seeming collapse of hotel broadband in 2001 says the report, as of mid-year 2004 a fury of deployment activity is occurring, as hotels across the board, from the small "no-frills" properties to the large luxury resorts, are viewing broadband as a "must have".

Amy Cravens, a Senior Analyst with In-Stat/MDR, says "The primary driving factor is guest demand for broadband service and hotels see broadband now as an essential element of the guestroom, along with a bed, telephone, and TV, there must be broadband access."

According to In-Stat/MDR the most significant trend currently taking place in this market is the use of wireless LAN (WLAN). WLAN became mainstream in hotels last year, but as a public area and meeting room solution. This year, WLAN is being pushed to the guest room.

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