• Use The Full Social Ecosystem To Leverage Digital Transformation
    The total community approach (online community, social channels, and brand experts) is growing, says the report. Social usage is becoming just a normal way of life for many (70% of people in the US use social), and brands are investing in social, with Forrester Research forecasting that US marketers alone will spend $15.5 billion on social marketing in 2016.
  • Millennials and GenXers Catch Up With VOD
    According to 65% of global respondents in a Nielsen online survey, 61 countries say they watch some form of VOD programming, which includes long-and short-form content.
  • Millennials Prefer Streaming For Watching And Social For Purchase Influence
    According to a new study by consulting firm Deloitte, binge-viewing is fast becoming the new national pastime, as 70% of U.S. consumers now binge-watch TV shows, with Americans watching an average of five episodes per marathon session.
  • Teens And Millennials Prefer Ecommerce on Email
    According to Adestra, a provider of marketing technology software and services, announcing the results of a study to gauge consumer opinions and behavior about email, the most surprising thing revealed is that teens and Millennials use email a lot!
  • Be Alert To The Changing Urban Content Viewers
    young multicultural viewers are still subscribing to, and watching, traditional television that reflects their images and experiences. Urban content viewers, (multicultural viewers watching TV content in heavily populated markets,) watch 51% of their weekly TV viewing live.
  • Mobile Marketing Budgets To Grow Across Online And Offline Channels
    Retailers today recognize the impact that mobile is having on their business and on consumers, and they have steadily begun to invest more marketing dollars into building out their mobile platforms.
  • Re-Engage Dormant Subscribers
    According to ReachMail, since investing in acquisition of new customers is six to seven times costlier than re-activating past customers, there is a huge value in investing in re-activation campaigns.
  • You Can Bank On This
    Internet of things (IoT) devices are gaining the attention of many marketers and consumers. While they may have different purposes, says eMarketer in a recent survey, the study finds that these devices may become common financial transaction methods, particularly wearables.
  • Mobile Ad Spend Catches TV In 2020
    The headline news from a recent eMarketer forecast is that digital is expected to overtake TV next year in US ad spending. Instead, the eMarketer forecast appears to be a more impressive projection: mobile alone will rival TV in ad spend in 2020.
  • Radio Reach: Wide And Focused
    According to a new analysis and release by the Radio Advertising Bureau, radio boasts the broadest mass reach among all media while simultaneously affording narrow targeting capabilities through numerous program formats and networks.
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