• Predictions 2016: The Mobile Revolution Accelerates
    According to a year end Forrester Predictions Brief, as the mobile mindshift speeds up even more in 2016, consumers' expectations will soar, and more companies will treat mobile as core to the whole customer experience.
  • Young Adults Doing Well
    According to a new study by Money Under 35, young adults are not only financially healthy but also actively focused on saving and managing their credit. In fact, young adults are generally doing well, most of them are rated in "good" financial health, according to the report.
  • Global Media Spending Growing 5.1% Through 2019
    According to a new study by McKinsey, global spending on media is forecast to rise at a compound annual rate of 5.1% during the next five years, to $2.1 trillion in 2019, from $1.6 trillion in 2014.
  • Smartphone At The Holiday Table?
    Classic holiday traditions like watching holiday specials and playing board games after dinner continue to endure, but when is technology invited to the table and when does it overstay its welcome?
  • Consumers Hooked On Digital
    According to an analysis of digital advancements, eMarketer shows predictions for likely happenings through 2019. From the rise of mobile messaging apps to mobile commerce finally gaining some mojo, these are eMarketer's predictions.
  • Marketing + Creative = Success
    According to the Content Marketing Institute's 2016 B2B Content Marketing Survey, the number of marketers describing their organizations as effective at content marketing dropped to 30% (from 38% in the 2015 survey).
  • Engage With Customers One-To-One
    According to SAP Hybris, presenting the findings of a study conducted by Forrester incorporating the evolution of personalization from push messaging to one-to-one personal customer experiences, there is a distinct gap between consumers’ expectations of personalized marketing and what marketers are actually delivering. 61% of consumers are less likely to make future purchases following less-than-satisfactory personalized experiences. 91% of marketers are prioritizing personalization but only 16% have the ability to deliver real-time, behavior-based marketing across channels, says the report. In summary, the study findings reveal:
    • While 66% of marketers rate their efforts at personalization as “very good” or “excellent,” …
  • How Long Is Short?
    What is the optimal length of a video ad asks ClickZ in a new study. According to the analysis, there's no perfect numerical answer, but throughout the industry, the answer is along the lines of "short."
  • Young People Watching Less TV
    According to a new report from Marketing Charts, youth as a whole are watching less traditional TV, but the data in the Q3 2015 total audience report from Nielsen suggests that the declines may be slowing, and that traditional TV remains the primary video viewing mechanism for adults across all age groups.
  • Digital Shopping: Smartphones or Tablets; Depends...
    According to a newly released study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), a custom IAB analysis of Prosper Insight data, younger adults, ages 18-34, are more inclined to make purchases using their smartphones (43% vs. 35% on a tablet) than any other age group.
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