• TV Still Gets Lion's Share of Ad Budget
    According to a new Forbes Insights/Simulmedia survey, the landscape of television advertising is a mature format that is shifting in the face of new technologies and the rapidly evolving media marketplace.
  • SMS Has Eight Times Email Engagement Rate
    According to a new report from Silverpop/IBM Marketing Cloud, 8.6 trillion text messages are sent every year on average, including 6 billion per day in the United States alone. Consumers are carrying their mobile devices with them day and night, using them to engage with brands in ways never imagined even a decade ago.
  • Centennials: A Connected World With An Eight Second Attention Span
    Centennials were born with technology pervading their everyday lives and don't remember a time when a connected world wasn't at their fingertips, explaining why the group's average attention span is an estimated eight seconds.
  • Gifts Without A Price Tag
    Results of a survey around the gifts people value most and the methods by which they prefer to give thanks: 85% of respondents prefer life gifts like support and friendship over financial gifts such as money for an education or a car.
  • Black Friday Has Become A 4th Quarter Promotion
    Black Friday has spread starting as early as October, with Best Buy kicking off their holiday communications on October 6th, and across other categories that range from Chevy offering Black Friday 'all month long' to Big Lots where Black Friday is 'everyday,' to your local dental office trying to get in on the Black Friday action.
  • Referral Programs Almost Double Performance For B2B Companies
    Many intuitively believe that referrals are the best leads to generate new business more efficiently, but what impact do formal referral programs have on sales pipeline growth and revenue acceleration for B2B organizations?
  • It's All About Age
    According to a Nielsen survey of more than 30,000 online consumers across 60 countries, TV viewing is one of the more popular spare-time activities across generations. But for Gen Z consumers, it takes a back seat to music listening and reading.
  • Call Centers Frustrate Consumers; Businesses Beware
    According to the third annual Customer Service Report survey from Corvisa, consumers are getting fed up with poor customer service. 48% of respondents said they have stopped doing business with a company due to negative customer service experiences in the past year.
  • Facebook Referrals Down A Third This Year
    Referral traffic (desktop + mobile) to the top 30 Facebook publishers (as defined by their reliance on Facebook) plunged 32% from January to October, according to SimpleReach, a distribution analytics company.
  • The Connected Sky: Inflight Entertainment
    According to a new Whitepaper by Juniper Research, the proliferation of wireless PEDs (Portable Electronic Devices) in aircraft is ushering in an era of truly personalized in-flight entertainment where passengers can do what they want, when they want, and how they want.
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