Gifts Without A Price Tag

With the holiday season in full swing, money transfer app, WorldRemit, announced the results of a survey around the gifts people value most and the methods by which they prefer to give thanks. 85% of respondents prefer life gifts like support and friendship over financial gifts such as money for an education or a car.

Other top-line results include:

  • The most desired life gift is support through difficult times (28%), trailed closely by companionship at 24%
  • 35% of respondents consider funding for an education to be the most important life gift they’ve ever received, followed by money for a car (19%) and a down-payment for a home (17%)
  • Most people prefer to say thank you in-person over other methods (i.e. a hand-written letter, social network, phone call, etc.) for both financial and life gifts (59% and 57% respectively)
  • An overwhelming 67% of respondents still favor personal and written thank yous over digital thank yous, even in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world

More than one-third of respondents consider money toward their education to be the most valuable financial gift they’ve ever received (35%), followed by money towards a car (19%) and a down-payment for their home (17%).

 While an education and a new car are thoughtful and generous gifts, the best gifts can’t be purchased with money. A vast majority of respondents (85%) prefer gifts that come from the heart and truly impact their lives, over financial gifts.

 Respondents were most thankful for the personal support and cherished relationships in their lives. The most desired life gift was support through difficult times (28%), followed closely by companionship (25%). The best gift this holiday season is friendship and support, finds the study.

 While technology provides the opportunity to speak to loved ones in distant places regularly via phone, social media or messaging apps, 67% of respondents favor personal and written thank yous over digital thank yous. And, though 33% of the people surveyed believe technology has improved the frequency and convenience of giving thanks, the majority prefer to receive a more personal method of appreciation for their acts of kindness and generous gifts.

When asked about the greatest gifts they’ve ever received, WorldRemit customers volunteered:

Greatest Gift Ever Received


% of Respondents

Support through difficult times




Guidance on values/morals


A second chance/forgiveness


Random act of kindness from stranger


Career coaching


Vital healthcare, live changing operation


Source: WorldRemit, December 2015

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