• Millennials On Digital, Boomers On Traditional TV
    According to Connected Life, a study of over 60,000 internet users worldwide from global research consultancy TNS, the average Millennial with internet access spends 3.1 hours a day on their mobile devices, the equivalent of 21.7 hours every week.
  • Digital Marketers Say Email, Social, Search and Content Leading Tactics
    Digital marketers across all industries, drawing on a broad palette of digital tactics to achieve their objectives, found that the four most popular are email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and content marketing. A new study by Extole finds that retail marketers use many of these same tactics, but not necessarily to achieve the same goals.
  • Better To Give Than To Receive?
    According to CEB TowerGroup research, holiday gift cards were predicted to surpass $124 billion in sales last year, with 77% of Americans giving a gift card in the last year says CardCash. But Bizrate Insights survey has found a 15 point gap between desire to give and receive gift cards for the holidays.
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