• Phony Ads And Intrusive Pop-ups Consumer Headaches
    False, misleading, or phony advertising is one of the things that bothers consumers most about brand marketing. Stupid television/video commercials and false promises are tied,
  • Reader Based Print Revenue Based On High Quality Journalism
    The shift to reader-based revenue continues to depict an industry that is increasingly building loyal audiences around its high-quality journalism.
  • Touchie Feelie Top Draw For Brick And Mortar Shopping
    "... the tangible, tactile nature of brick and mortar is viewed as a very real advantage... as is the desire for instant gratification... " said Scott Moore, Global Senior Vice President of marketing for Mood Media.
  • Each Generation Sees It Differently
    Over the last decade, marketers have adapted to the boom of technology and the introduction of various new marketing channels, while considering how different generations of consumers are responding to these changes.
  • Consumer Sentiment And Retail Sales UP
    Focus on month-on-month seasonally adjusted numbers do not give a picture of the real state of retail, but rather the unadjusted year-over-year figures provide a much more accurate view of performance.
  • Business Owners Overwhelmed Staying Productive
    84% of business owners are logging over 40 hours a week, and 1 in 10 feel continuously overwhelmed by their workload.
  • Bigger Screens Attract Longer Videos
    fFor the first time long-form content represents the majority of time spent watching video on every screen.
  • Separate eMail Account For Brand Communications
    58% of Millennials maintain a separate email account just for brand communication, and 83% have made a purchase from email in the past three months.
  • Personal Turnover, or "Churn" In The Vernacular
    Churn rate for any single persona is 17%. ("churn:" combined horizontal and vertical movement inside organization and external... invalidating email address)
  • To Be Digital Think Mobile First
    While digital has been a huge part of industry conversations for years, marketing organizations are not yet operating as digital businesses and are a long way from doing so.
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