Phony Ads And Intrusive Pop-ups Consumer Headaches

According to recent research from the CMO Council and Dow Jones, based on data from a survey of more than 2,000 consumers in North America and the United Kingdom and reported by Ayaz Nanil, 23% of respondents say false, misleading, or phony advertising is one of the things that bothers them most about brand marketing. Stupid television/video commercials and false promises are tied, followed by poorly trained store personnel (10%) and bad product design (8%):

Most Bothersome Brand Advertising

  • False, misleading, or phony advertising            22.6%
  • Stupid or irritating TV commercials/videos        11.3
  • Not keeping promises or claims 11.2
  • Store personnel who don’t know the product    9.5
  • Bad product design or experience                       8.3
  • Brands that treat customers poorly         8.0

Source: CMO Council & Dow Jones, June 2017

Respondents Say The Types Of Digital Advertising That Bother Them Most

  • Intrusive pop-up ads           21.8%
  • Auto-playing ads      17.4
  • Text only ads that require click through   10.2
  • Ads that track browsing      10.1
  • Ads that appear before selected page    9.5
  • Banner ads   7.8

Source: CMO Council & Dow Jones, June 2017

Consumers consider negative advertising experiences to be those that are obnoxious/intrusive, discriminatory/hateful, and irritating/annoying.

Considered Negative Advertising Experience

  • Obnoxious or intrusive ads           19.2%
  • Discriminatory          18.4
  • Irritating or annoying ads   11.7
  • Racist or stereotype            11.6
  • Create security problem    10.9
  • Addressed porn sites         8.9

Source: CMO Council & Dow Jones, June 2017

Two-thirds of consumers say having a negative advertising experience would make them feel differently about a brand or choose not do business with a brand.

Having A Negative Advertising Experience Would Make Consumer Think Differently Or Chose Not To Do Business With Brand

  • Yes     66.2%
  • Maybe            22.2
  • No       11.7
  • Source: CMO Council & Dow Jones, June 2017

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