Separate eMail Account For Brand Communications

According to new data from Yes Lifecycle Marketing in A Marketer’s Guide to Reaching the Generations, 58% of Millennials maintain a separate email account just for brand communication, and 83% have made a purchase from email in the past three months, indicating that they want to receive brand emails, but don’t want to clog their primary inboxes

Lifecycle Marketing surveyed over one thousand consumers of all ages and found that more than one in three of these consumers have a separate email account for brand messages. 62% of consumers, who have a separate email account for promotions, check it frequently, whereas only half of consumers who don’t have a separate account check their personal account for brand emails on a regular basis.

Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing, says “As the number of channels marketers can use to interact with consumers grow, customer preferences will continue to evolve. By analyzing customer data, particularly by generation, marketers can gain a better grasp of their target audiences’ needs and preferences to better meet their customers where they are.”

The report also reveals that most consumers check their email for brand promotions at home, either 32% in the morning, or 31%in the evening. One in four consumers look for brand emails throughout the day.

Centennials are most likely to check email on the go and to pass time. 6% check for marketing emails while commuting, or 14% while waiting in line (Generation X, on the other hand, is most likely to check their emails at all times of the day, says the report.

Additional findings include:

  • 68%  of consumers have made a purchase after receiving a brand email in the past three months
  • 26% of Baby Boomers have a separate email account for brand messages
  • Centennials are less engaged with email than all other generations, and 40% have not made a purchase from email in the past three months
  • 47% of Millennials have made three or more purchases via email recently, twice as many as Centennials.

Michael Iaccarino, CEO and chairman of Infogroup, parent company of Yes Lifecycle Marketing, opines that “perhaps, because their inboxes have become flooded with marketing emails in recent years, consumers across generations are opting for brand-only email accounts; but this isn’t a bad thing for marketers. Brands need cross-channel communication platforms so they can reach the consumer when they want, where they want, and how they want.”

A Marketer’s Guide to Reaching the Generations is based on a survey of more than 1,000 consumers, centered on generational preferences and behavior, who have received a marketing email in the past year.

To download the full report for additional information, please click here.  



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