• Digital Media Content & Technology Spend to Reach $1 Trillion in 2013
    According to a new report by PQ Media, digital media spending, including unit purchases, subscription access, hardware, software and related services, accounted for 58.7% of worldwide expenditures on overall digital and traditional media content & technology in 2012
  • 242 Million Listeners On Radio Weekly
    According to the Arbitron highlights from its National Radio Listening Report, radio's audience increased year over year, adding more than 500,000 weekly listeners. Radio now reaches 242.2 million listeners, or 92% of persons, age 12 and older, on an average weekly basis.
  • Issue Solutions Creates Strong Lead Generation
    Marketers are well along in their adoption of lead-generation practices, according to a new study by BtoB. 71% of respondents said they are at least moderate participants in some form of lead generation, while 47% are "very" or "fully" involved.
  • Three Doctor Visits and 52 Hours of Online Health Search A Year
    Results from a national consumer survey conducted by Makovsky Health and Kelton show the average U.S. consumer visits the doctor 3 times a year, but spends nearly 52 hours looking for health information on the internet annually. Further, physicians remain a key influencer sparking online health research
  • Newspaper Coupons First Choice For Savings
    According to the Valassis annual Purse String Survey, millennials rely more heavily on print for their shopping behaviors than you might expect. With newspaper as their number one source for coupons and deals, these promotion-sensitive millennials are getting their savings the same way as all other consumers across age groups and income levels,
  • Dick Tracy Wrist Watches Not Ready For Prime Time
    According to a new study released today by TNS, despite recent efforts by big tech companies, the majority of consumers are not ready for wearable technology and there appears to be a large gap between current technology and mass adoption,
  • The Digital Elite Traveler
    According to the Global/Harrison Group 2013 Portrait of Digital Travelers, newly-released by MMGY, the use of both smartphones and tablets has increased so rapidly since 2011 that it has spawned a new class of travelers - the "Digital Elite." These individuals own and use at least a smartphone and tablet to plan and purchase travel services, and the segment has grown from 5% of all active travelers in 2011 to 33% today, an increase of over 600%.
  • Screenjumpers Double Time Online
    According to a new report from comScore and Jumptap, soaring smartphone and tablet use has doubled the amount of time Americans spend online in the matter of a few short years. As a result, as of April of this year, smartphones (39% share) and tablets (12% share) account for approximately half of adults' time online, a figure which rises to 59% among 18-24-year-olds and 61% among women aged 25-49.
  • Marketing and IT Still Circling The Campfire
    In the coming years, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are projected to spend more money on IT and analytics than Chief Information Officers (CIOs). With that in mind, Accenture Interactive's latest research shows there is a clear disconnect, as 64% of CMOs believe marketing IT is placed at the bottom of the CIO's priority list.
  • Appetite For Smart TV Grows
    A new U.S. study into the impact of Smart TV advertising and consumer behavior, by YuMe and LG Electronics, to better understand how consumers are engaging with ads within Smart TVs, includes data on the Smart TV audience's behavioral, lifestyle and psychographic profile.
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