• Retailers and Consumers Out of Sync Regarding Shopping Expectations and Experience
    According to new research by Accenture, the "Seamless Retail Study," 49% of consumers believe the best thing retailers can do to improve the shopping experience is to better integrate in-store, online and mobile shopping channels.
  • Convenience Trumps Caution
    According to the 2013 Consumer Mobile Insights study by Jumio and Harris Interactive, 83% of respondents worry about identity theft, but look the other away when given the option to use mobile services. While 26% of respondents reported being a victim of online or mobile fraud, 48% of the consumer audience continue to check account statuses/balances , and 32% continue to pay bills online.
  • Discovering A Valuable Digital Audience Segment
    According to Turn, Inc., as brands and agencies work with technology providers to drive cross-channel marketing initiatives, global digital advertising spend continues to grow, and is projected to reach $113 billion this year. And much of that spend will go to automated and data-driven advertising
  • Watch TV "On Your Own Schedule"?
    According to the results of The Harris Poll recently, 78% of Americans have utilized the varied technologies that enable us to watch TV shows on our own schedules. Though Americans' TV viewing habits were once at the mercy of network schedules, says the report, there are now more ways than ever to watch shows on one's own schedule, including video on demand. DVR's, and streaming content.
  • Social Video Report Says Entertainment And CMG/FMCG Tops In First Quarter
    According to the recent study by the Video technology company Unruly, Entertainment and CPG ad campaigns attracted almost as many online video shares as movie, TV and videogame trailers during the first quarter of 2013.
  • A Fourth of Americans Age 6 to 34 Are Hispanic
    According to a new report from Experian Marketing Services, the largest racial/ethnic minority group in the United States, the Hispanic population, is only growing larger. In 2012, 16% of Americans age six and older identified as Hispanic or Latino, up from 14% in 2006.
  • Teen Discretionary Spending Climbing
    According to a new Piper Jaffray study, "Taking Stock With Teens," the fashion category accounted for 39% of teen discretionary budgets, up from 38% in the fall of 2011 and 37% a year ago. Upper-income teens indicated that spending on fashion increased 17% on a sequential basis and 21% year-over-year.
  • Demographic Divisions Among Social Network Users
    According to the results of a comprehensive social media survey by the Pew Research Center, conducted over several years to evaluate which demographics were using social media, and on which platforms, Facebook holds the top ranking among adults:
  • Heavy Media Users Still Spread Their Interests
    According to results from an Edison Research and Arbitron study. heavy usage of one of the top 3 media (by reach) does not necessarily mean that less (than average) time is spent with the other media. Heavy internet users (4+ hours per day) report spending more than 7 hours per day on the internet, but the amount of time they spend watching TV (3:35 vs. 3:33) and listening to the radio (2:07 vs. 2:04) is on par with the general population.
  • Better Data Collection Will Help Retailers
    According to a recent survey of retailers with online shopping carts, conducted in February 2013 by Retail Systems Research (RSR), 47% of retailers surveyed said they do not collect product-level site browsing data that can be associated with a specific email subscriber. This, even though during the pre-purchase stage, most consumers before buying, visit the retailer, manufacturer and product review sites to compare products and prices.
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