• Affluent Predilections
    According to the Shullman Research Center "Survey of the Affluent," ads, electronic devices and apps attract very high income consumers. Magazines and newspapers score high, especially in the age 35-54 and 55+ categories, among places where consumers have seen or heard advertising.
  • Restaurant, Beverage and Tech Get Most Chatter
    According to the "PQ Media/uberVU Top 100 Brands in Social Media Worldwide 2013" report, leading global restaurant, beverage and technology brands generated the most chatter on social media in 2012, as major advertisers increased social media spending 42.1% to $7.94 billion.
  • Online Radio Reaches 86 Million Listeners Weekly
    According to a new national survey from Arbitron and Edison Research, one in three Americans aged 12 and older now listen to all forms of online radio on a weekly basis, The study is the 21st in a series dating back to 1998.
  • Potpourri Of Media Usage Data
    A new Temkin Group report, Media Use Benchmark, 2013, analyzes data from 10,000 consumers about their internet usage (at home and at work), reading of books and news (online and offline), TV watching, radio listening, and mobile activity. The data snapshot breaks down the data by age, ethnicity, income, and geographic region.
  • The Hatfields And The McCoys Without Money, Bandwidth and Top-Down Leadership
    According to a new CMO Council study with SAS, entitled "Big Data's Biggest Role: Greater Partnership Drives Enterprise-Wide Customer Centricity," as organizations realize the importance of delivering on a more customer-centric overall business strategy, big data has emerged as the real glue that has permanently cemented the relationship between the two functional leaders
  • U.S. Women Hold The Purse Strings
    According to a report recently released by Nielsen, women have tremendous spending power in America today, and it's growing. Market estimates about their total purchasing prowess varies, ranging anywhere from $5 trillion to $15 trillion annually.
  • Millennials Spend More on Family Entertainment
    According to new research from Mintel on family leisure preferences, Millennial (aged 18-35 in 2012) moms and dads have family entertainment spending habits that contrast with their older counterparts. While 42% of parents surveyed are spending less on family entertainment now than they were a year ago, more than one-third of Millennials are spending more, compared to just 17% of non-Millennial parents.
  • TV Tops For News Worldwide; Laptops Second
    According to BBC World News, the largest global study to date on the consumption of news in the digital age finds that tablets complement TV viewing, and the 25-34 age demographic is the biggest news enthusiasts. The study was conducted by InSites Consulting, surveyed more than 3,600 owners of digital devices in nine countries to determine the growing impact of TV, smartphones, tablets and laptops on people's news consumption habits.
  • Besides Facebook, Small Business "Likes" Linkedin and Twitter
    According to recent data from Constant Contact, small businesses are increasingly seeing the value of social media platforms across the board, and, in particular, LinkedIn and Twitter. 80% of respondents surveyed in December 2012 said they conduct social media marketing and, when asked which social media platform was the most effective for their organization, the always-dominant Facebook won out at 82%.
  • Online Advertising Slowly Growing Radio Revenues
    According to the first edition of "Investing In Radio Market Report," from BIA/Kelsey, radio industry over-the-air revenues inched slightly upwards in 2012, increasing to $14.3 billion, a 1.5% change from the year before. That slight change is due in large part to the sluggish overall economy for 2012 and the increased competition radio faces in the local media market, says the report.
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