• Ad Slump Continues and Newspapers Fight Back
    Speaking to the World Association of Newspapers' annual Newspaper Advertising Conference, Matthew Owen, an analyst with the investment bank Morgan Stanley said "Advertising isn't an investment priority. We assume it will come back. We assume it will be feeble in 2002 but will come back in 2003."
  • Streaking Streaming
    MeasureCast, Inc. announced that four of the top 10 Internet radio networks measured by MeasureCast streamed more hours during the week of Feb. 11 than they did the week prior. Meanwhile, the MeasureCast Weekly Top 25 chart of Web radio stations got a new leader – JazzFM.
  • ECommerce Beats Retail in Quality and Value
    The latest Confidence Measurement report from the University of Michigan Business School, ASQ, and consulting firm CFI Group, finds that e-commerce customer satisfaction levels surpass traditional retail despite the many reports of the death of dot-coms.
  • Nielsen//NetRatings Updates
    If you wanted to reach people interested in Government or Fashion during the week of February 17th, here’s where you needed to be:
  • DUI Now Means Talkers
    According to a February 2002 report from GartnerG2, 80% of US consumers are scared that automobile drivers who drive while using their cellphone will cause accidents. Interestingly, although 59% of consumers say they are concerned that other drivers using a mobile phone might cause an accident, only 30% "strongly agree" that they themselves get distracted when they drive and talk on a mobile phone.
  • Let The (Electronic) Games Begin
    For those whose clients have an interest in the electronic video game market, here’s what households are playing with now and in the future.
  • Internet Audience Measurements
    The latest data in our weekly updates of Nielsen//NetRatings audience measurement includes time spent on "Lifestyle" sites, leading advertisers for the week ending February 10th, and leading banner ads.
  • Techno Hispanic Market
    Recently we released a Brief on the Internet habits of the Hispanic market. Because of such a strong interest in this market segment, here is a follow up of some of the technical demographic characteristics of the Urban Hispanic. A recent study by FOCUS: Latinotm shows very strong interest for new media and technology among urban Hispanics.
  • Cutting Into School Kids Fund Raising
    eMarketer's eStat Database on "magazines" found a study from the 2001 Brigham Young University Marriott School of Management that determined that as of the end of 2000, 28% of online households in the US bought books or magazines online.
  • An Outdoor Benchmark
    Outdoor Advertising industry offers a benchmark in expenditures among various industry types in the 1st quarter of the last two years.
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