• Is Digital Journalism Credible?
    Readers said online news is about as credible as news they obtain from other, more traditional news sources. The Online News Association’s recent release of the Digital Journalism Credibility Survey shows that media workers across all media types are concerned about the standards, practices and credibility of digital news, but the online public is not!
  • Overall Ad Spending Up for 2002
    David Peeler, president and CEO of CMR, said "The events of September 11 coupled with the state of our economy certainly accelerated advertising's continued decline for the remainder of the year. As our nation emerges from recession, we believe the worst is behind us and expect to see a slight industry rebound by the onset of the third quarter of 2002."
  • Optimism Beats Wealth
    Changes in the American consumer's mood, outlook and preference for various types of media message reveal that the greatest predictor of consumer spending is an individual's psychological profile. It shows that optimists will spend more than pessimists regardless of income level.
  • Hispanics Online Almost Daily for An Hour
    The average Hispanic user is visiting the web 6.6 times per week and spending 58 minutes on-line per session. Common reasons for going on-line include for research purposes, reading news, listening to music, education related searches and lastly, many go on-line to chat.
  • Funny or Functional
    Many reports have surfaced with regard to which Super Bowl ads amused, appealed or were remembered, but here's one that cuts to performance… is it convincing?
  • Broadband Quality in Europe Or Else
    Only 10% of households in France, Germany and the UK will have high-speed internet connections by 2005. If quality content is not available in Europe, then the desire for broadband will not be strong.
  • Internet Needs Better Measurement Metrics
    Advertising professionals agree that the industry needs better and more trusted site measurement standards. Advertisers rated print measurement to be the most accurate, with radio the least. The Internet and TV occupied the middle ground.
  • Female Surfers Surge Ahead
    For the month of December, the number of female Internet users at home grew faster then the overall Internet population, increasing 9% more than in December a year ago. The total Internet grew only at a 6% rate year-over-year.
  • For Marketers of Cars and Computers
    Audience measurement data from Nielsen//NetRatings for the week ending January 27, 2002, are useful if you're reaching out on the Internet to car buyers or electronic equipment users. Here's some tables for your review.
  • Newspapers Lose to Web in Classifieds
    Readership of newspaper classified ads in 67 metro markets surveyed by The Media Audit declined more than 11 percent in three years, and more than 25 percent of those who regularly read employment ads do so on the web.
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