• B2B Personalized Account Strategies
    According to the Account Based Marketing Trends paper from Oracle, Account-Based Marketing (ABM ) is poised to become a much bigger deal for B2B marketers in 2017.
  • Digital Channels Kickstart Millennial Searches
    most millennials surveyed are involved in B2B purchase decision-making at their companies, with one-third of millennials being the sole decision-maker.
  • Marketers In The Electric Vehicle Industry, Beware
    4% of car shoppers are considering hybrid/electric vehicles, but Edmunds analysis says tax credit cuts put mainstream electric vehicle market in jeopardy.
  • Online Retail Eclipses Brick & Mortar By 6 to 1
    Online retail sales to consumers in the U.S. reached nearly $400 billion in 2016 by the U.S. Commerce Department's measure, a 15.6% jump compared with 2015.
  • Kiwis Wearing Wearables; A Valuable Segment Template
    The number of wearable device owners is rising exponentially in New Zealand. Nielsen Consumer and Media Insights (CMI) data shows that in the past 12 months, the number of wearable technology owners has almost doubled.
  • 600% ROI With Influencer Marketing
    Consumers in today's world are focused less on advertisements, and more on content. They don't care that your product is the best on the market. Rather, they want to know what value your brand brings them.
  • Mobile Offers Are Hot
    The number of US mobile-offer users grew 11% to 104 million in 2016. Usage is especially skyrocketing with millennials.
  • Fix Complaints Fast, Or Else
    The internet is a beautiful and terrifying place, says a new study by Corra.com. It lets us reach more customers quicker and with less of a marketing budget, helps us stay in touch with customers through email marketing and a constant social media presence.
  • Phone, Web, And Now Texting To Marketers
    For many years, direct response advertising has offered consumers two primary ways of reaching out to marketers: the telephone and the web. Now, text has emerged as a third powerful communicator.
  • News And Talk Radio Surge
    No matter which side of the political spectrum news/talk radio stations lean, the past year has seen steady growth in the format's share of listening audience across the board.
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