Automated SMS Messages Projected > 2.7 Trillion By 2022

According to a new report from Juniper Research the volume of A2P (Application to Person) messaging is expected to increase by 20% over the next 5 years to more than 2.7 trillion by 2022, up from 2.1 trillion this year.

The new report, A2P Messaging: Opportunities, Competition & Forecasts 2017-2022, claimed that this growth would be driven by an increase in automated marketing, payments and authentication messages. (A2P is defined as an automated SMS message sent from an enterprise to an end user.)

The research claimed that “grey route traffic”, defined as “A2P traffic veiled as P2P traffic”, will fall by 11% between 2017 and 2022. Operators’ efforts, in partnership with SMS firewall providers, in detecting grey routes will continue to be the driving force behind this reduction. With total SMS traffic forecasts to exceed 30 billion messages per day in 2022, the report claimed that AI (Artificial Intelligence) would be required to efficiently analyze the high level of SMS traffic.

In response to rising enterprise usage of OTT applications, the research anticipates that operators will begin roll outs of RCS (Rich Communication Suite) services, combining the high level of reach of SMS messaging, and the rich functionality of OTT applications.

Additionally, the research projects that this increase of enterprise messaging over OTT applications will subsequently create a new use case for A2P SMS traffic. User verifications and OTPs (One Time Passwords) will require the ubiquitous nature of SMS services as a starting point. Furthermore, SMS will continue to be required as a fall back option against OTT applications.

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