• For PR Pitches Over The Plate
    To determine the value of PR "Pitches" from public relations professionals, Fractl surveyed 1,300 publishers, writers, and editors from online publications. 27% of respondents at top-tier sites say they find PR pitches valuable/completely valuable, and 52% say they find them slightly valuable.
  • Programmatic Grows Ahead of All Other Channels
    According to Zenith's Programmatic Marketing Forecasts, programmatic advertising will grow 31% in 2017, faster than all other digital channels.
  • Social Media Connections Yield Women's Shopping Trust And Convenience
    In 2016, Influence Central surveyed more than 400 U.S. women, looking at major trends in social media recommendations and reviews to determine the overall impact of social media when consumers need advice, opinions, and recommendations.
  • 360 Video Increasing In VR Growth
    Virtual reality will emerge as the next big thing in digital advertising says the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), by Leonard Klie, in a recent report citing opportunities for immersive storytelling, shopping, product demos, and the power to stir emotions in a new way as some of virtual reality's major strengths.
  • Digital Transformation Is People and Culture
    Digital Transformation (DX) is as much about the transformation of how individuals work, and the cultures of organizations, as it is about technology. Simeon Preston, chief operations officer of AIA Digital, says transformation uses technology as a means, not an end.
  • Retailers Juggling More Social Messaging
    Retail sales (excluding auto gas and restaurants) between November and December 2016 will reach $655.8 billion, a 3.6% increase from 2015. Online sales are forecasted to see a 7-10% spike and have the potential to account for $177 billion.
  • Blogging Is A Lifestyle
    1054 bloggers speak to the effort and approach to blogging through questions about the time, place and process. Some of the answers are surprising, others less so, says the report.
  • North America Banner Click Through Rate Up To 0.14%
    The average click-through rate for a standard banner ad globally is 0.16%, though there were considerable differences across regions.
  • Big Spender; Facebook Promotes Facebook Live
    Facebook, in an attempt to drive mass adoption of Facebook Live, has turned to TV, becoming a major advertiser there in the process. The company launched the largest TV-advertising campaign in its history, airing over 20 different commercials more than 1,700 times.
  • Email Is Not Going Away
    Americans are addicted to email, yet email marketers should be wary of overwhelming consumers with too many messages, and inundating recipients with too many irrelevant offers.
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