For Your Listening Pleasure

  • by December 22, 2000
For Your Listening Pleasure

If, among media to be considered, the internet is perceived as esoteric and a fringe selection, streaming radio is off the chart! On the other hand, those who are doing it well represent leading edge marketers, and there very well may be a correlation with standard radio station excellence. At least for your radio files, here’s some press release material from MeasureCast, Inc, a company providing streaming media customers with next-day audience size and demographic reports.

ABC Radio took the top two spots, and seven of the top ten positions in the second weekly MeasureCast Internet Radio Top10 ranking.. The weekly ranking is based on Total Time Spent Listening (TTSL) - the total number of hours listeners access an on-line station's streamed content.

The MeasureCast Weekly Top 10

Week of December 4 (Monday, Dec. 4 to Sunday, Dec. 10)

Rank Station                   Format
URL Total TSL(in hours) Cume Persons

1 WABC-AM(New York) Talk Radio ABC Radio 80,466 8,096

2 KSFO-AM(San Francisco) Talk Radio ABC Radio 46,736 9,875

3 The Beat LA(Los Angeles) Urban R&B Radio One 46,169 4,768

4 WBAP-AM(Dallas/Ft. Worth) News/Talk ABC Radio 45,259 7,592

5 WLS-AM(Chicago) News/Talk ABC Radio 35,014 9,628

6 KABC-AM(Los Angeles) Talk Radio ABC Radio 32,052 7,517

7 Radio Margar.(net-only) Classic Rock Broad. Amer. 30,816 5,891

8 KGO-AM(San Francisco) News/Talk ABC Radio 29,560 6,802

9 3WK(Internet-only) Alt. Rock 3WK 26,837 7,694

10 WPLJ-FM(New York) CHR/Top 40 ABC Radio 25,249 3,123


1 Total TSL (Total Time Spent Listening) is the total number of hours streamed by the broadcaster in the reported time period, and is the sum of the length of all listening events in that time period.

2 Cume Persons is an estimate of the total number of unique listeners who had one or more listening sessions lasting five minutes or longer during the reported time period. 3 Only live-feed stations are currently being reported for ABC Radio Networks.

The top five Internet radio formats for the week were: talk radio, with nearly a 26 percent share of Internet radio listeners, followed by news/talk (14 percent); contemporary hit radio/top 40 (11 percent); classic rock (9 percent); and adult contemporary (6 percent).

The week’s reporting for 886 stations shows th

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