"Standard" Banners

  • by November 20, 2000
A recently released report from AdRelevance, determines that "standard" banners on websites account for only 37% of the impressions, though 80% of the advertisers online include them! This study finds that buttons and off size (or shape) banners develop almost 2/3 of the impressions.

Key findings from the AdRelevance Special Report include:

- Though the full banner accounts for the largest number of ads per company (18.3 average), it gets far less exposure than other ad types, based on impressions per ad. - GIF animation is the most prevalent ad technology, used in approximately 19 of every 25 ads per company and amounts to 58 percent of total impressions. - The average advertiser creates only 5 JPEG image ads that account for 40 percent of ad impressions. - The automotive industry uses image ads (50 percent of industry impressions)

- The business-to-business industry relies on form ads (60 percent of industry impressions)

- Advertisers continue to use animated GIFs and JPEG images in spite of technology advances.

Some of the reported data looks like this:

 Advertising Dimensions 
Dimension % Sites % Advertisers
Offering Using
Full Banner 97 80
Micro Button 76 16
Short Button 68 25
Medium Button 52 14
Half Banner 42 14
Tall Button 36 13
Short Banner 29 3
Vertical Banner 16 6

Share of Impressions by Ad Type
Ad Type Share of Impressions (%)
Full Banner 37
Short Button 19
Micro Button 18
Half Banner 16
Medium Button 4
Tall Button 4
Short Banner 1
Vertical Banner 1

Impressions Delivered by Advertising Format (September)
Ad Type Ratio of Impressions Per Size
Half Banner 537,472
Micro Button 498,762
Short Button 295,500
Short Banner 194,609
Medium Button 132,915
Tall Button 124,781
Full Banner 59,564
Vertical Banner 57,267

Source for all tables: AdRelevance/ Jupiter Media Metrix

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