Comparison Shoppers

  • by November 30, 2000
Comparison Shoppers

Traditional retailers should take heart based on a new shopping study conducted by Opinion Research Corporation International, for as reported by Internet News. But they have to be value oriented competitors! The October study shows that although many consumers go online, they use the Web to window-shop, conduct research and make comparisons, but its their local brick-and-mortar merchants who they buy from.

According to the study:

- 21 % of respondents characterize their shopping behavior as researching online and buying locally. - 65 % are sticking with researching and buying at a local retailer. - 56 % use the Web to compare prices. - 46 % go online to compare models or brands. - 46 % use the Internet to obtain gift ideas. - 44 % are surfing to find a particular gift. - 5 % chose researching and buying products online

"The Internet has become an essential tool in the shopping process, even if the consumer is making the final purchase offline," said Patrick Marshall, group vice president - marketing, Verizon Information Services.

The survey also revealed several differences in the shopping styles of men and women:

- Women are 13 % more likely to use the Internet to find a particular gift. - Women are 25 % more likely to research and buy at a local retailer. - Men are 13 % more likely to use the Internet to compare prices. - Men are 19 % more likely to compare models or brands on the Internet. - Men are 60 % more likely than women to window-shop online

Marshall also pointed out that "according to the survey, 71 % of respondents go directly to a known site, 47 % visit unbiased sites, and 35 % go to online directories."

For the complete release, go here.

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