'Fun' Camera Phones an Easy Sell

"Fun" Camera Phones an Easy Sell

From a recent release by In-Stat/MDR, eMarketer reports that 18.2 million camera phones were shipped worldwide in 2002, and 7.8 million in the first quarter of this year.

Worldwide Camera Phone and Smart Phone Shipments, Q1 2003 (millions)

  • Camera Phones 7.8 million
  • Smart Phones 1.7
Source: In-Stat/MDR, Sept 2003

In-Stat notes that smart phones have faced a number of technical glitches and are perceived as being for mobile professionals only. And eMarketer reports that a recent CNET article says that camera phones are an easier sell than smart phones thanks to their "fun" factor, and are cheaper.

The In-Stat report anticipates strong growth for both smart and camera phones through 2007, at which time there should be little difference between the two types of phones, they say.

Compound Annual Growth Rate of Worldwide Shipments of Smart Phones and Handsets with an Integrated Digital Camera, 2003-2007:

  • Smart Phones 94.5%
  • Handsets with Integrated Digital Camera 53.2%
Source: In-Stat/MDR, Sept 2003

According to the eMarketer report, ARC Group also projects strong growth for camera phones over the coming years.

Worldwide Camera Phone Handset Sales (millions)

  • 2002 25 million
  • 2003 55
  • 2005 130
  • 2008 210
Source: ARC Group Aug 2003

You can find out more here at eMarketer.

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