Big Data in a Small Space

According to an infographic by, pointing to the fact that ecommerce will one day overtake other forms of shopping, statistics about how the trend is moving show how global ecommerce retail sales will reach $1,321.4 trillion by 2016. This number is a 67% increase from 2011.

Some interesting stats from the graphic include:

  • 90% of shoppers use their smartphone for pre-shopping tasks
  • One in three people prefer social media over telephone customer service
  • By 2010, iTunes had sold more than 25 billion songs

In discussing the future of how we shop, the report says that by 2016 global ecommerce retail sales will reach $1,321.4 Trillion, a 67% increase from 2011 This exceeds the 2012 GDPS by $878.4 BN in Indonesia, $789.26 BN in Turkey, $772.23 BN in the Netherlands, and $632.2 in Switzerland.

In the UK, 59% of shoppers refuse to wait in queue. 32% would opt to buy online if faced with a queue, and another 18% would go to another shop. Each year, says the report, queues result in an estimated $20.65 MM in sales.

And with regard to M-Shoppers, 21% of all consumers use mobile devices while in retail stores to improve the shopping experience. 74% are over 29 years old and 20% are over 50 years old. 52% of M-shoppers do price checking and 50% search for information or reviews.

M-shoppers are more likely to purchase in store if these conditions are met:

  • 73% want free home delivery
  • 63% say extended warranty
  • 20% want checkout via mobile wallet
  • 60% say if they find online reviews
  • 55% with advice from friend of family
  • 52% want additional product information

About online retail, the data shows that in 2012 Ecommerce accounts accounted for 10.4% of UK retail sales, while in 2013 global Ecommerce sales will increase 18.3% to reach $1,298 Trillion. 84% of shoppers use their Smart phone in stores, and 90% for pre-shopping tasks.

Shopping with social media says that 40% of consumers have purchased an item after posting about it; 70% obtain information about other consumers experience; 53% positively reviews brands that they like; 17% feel connected to brands they see on social sites. By 2017 there will be about 9 billion mobile devices in circulation.

Each time someone shares a product, says the report, businesses make an estimated $2.04. One in three consumers prefer social media over telephone customer service, and 86% of US online retailers have a social site, while 58% of users expect exclusive offers.

Odds and ends:

  • In  2012 there were 111.7 million digital albums sold, 37.3% of all albums sold. 93.1 million them were department store sales. Individual track sales grew 51% between 2011 and 2012
  • iTunes debuted in 2003 and has 435 million registered users in 119 countries. By 2010, iTunes was the world’s largest music retailer and has sold 25+ billion songs
  • 68% of the population had desktop computers in 2006, dropping to 58 in 2013, while tablet ownership spiked 292% between 2011 and 2013

Finally, the data includes some Brick and Mortar store Suggestions

  • Make store location easy to find on mobile device
  • Ensure that reviews and detailed product information are easily discoverable
  • List business  hours in clear mobile-compatible format
  • Embrace showrooming (provide store maps), but drive customers to site
  • Anticipate  and address price comparisons

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