• Prescription for Effective Marketing: 10+ Content Posts a Day
    According to a recent Trapit survey of U.S. marketers, 58% of respondents believe effective content marketing requires 10 or more pieces of content every day to boost engagement. The number refers to everything from tweets to videos and blog posts.
  • Mobile Capturing Consumer Online Sales
    According to a recent report from Yesmail Interactive, 56% of mobile online sales originating from a marketing email take place on an iPad. Across industries, over 16% of sales driven by email happened on a mobile device.
  • Around The World With Digital Apps
    According to the findings from a new poll of 19,514 online respondents conducted by Ipsos OTX, 71% of global Internet users, in 27 countries, say they regularly use a variety of different Mobile or Internet applications. Most popular of the items measured are weather, news, banking/financial and music-related apps.
  • Tablets Double Share of Ad Impressions In A Year
    According to the Adfonic Q3 2013 Global AdMetrics Report, tablets have doubled their share of mobile ad impressions over the past year, and that within the tablet format, Apple's iPad in particular gained share. Tablets' share of overall impressions grew from 14% in Q4 2012 to 28% in Q3 2013, while the iPad's share of tablet impressions grew from 58% to 76% over the same period, a growing iPad dominance within a growing format.
  • Wha'ja Get For Your Ad Money? Visitor Share!
    Kantar Media Ad Intelligence, and location-driven Placed, collaborated on an innovative analysis that merged their respective data on advertising expenditures and in-store visitor counts to provide an insightful metric, the "Cost Per Visitor Share," for evaluating and comparing the results achieved by the top national retail chains over the entire four-day Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Tech Buying Planned, But No Changes Yet Since Summer
    According to the results of The Harris Poll barometer of technology ownership and interactions among U.S. adults, ownership in many of the top categories of tech products shows little to no growth in comparison to this summer, but many American adults of all ages, and the majority of Echo Boomers, indicate they have tech purchases on the horizon.
  • Social Sharing Pix and Videos
    In a new survey conducted by the Pew Research Center Internet Project, more than half of Internet users post or share photos or videos online, which has become an integral part of the online social experience.
  • Multitasking With TV And Smartphones or Tablets
    According to a new study and report by Keith Nissen, MRG Co., multitasking while watching TV has become a hot topic within the TV entertainment industry. Everyone is seeking to understand how we will use our second-screen devices and especially how they will be used in relation to the TV programs we are watching.
  • Focus On The Consumer
    Data summarized by Brian Ferrario at Sociamantic, and presented in an infographic, suggest that the next-generation approach to commerce needs to focus on the consumer, not the limitations of the marketing technology, says the report. Businesses need be able to seamlessly reach, interact with and ultimately transact with their customer when and how she chooses.
  • Social Shopping
    According to the Social Media Shopping Infographic, from a new study by RichRelevance, the data from nearly seven hundred million online shopping sessions show how social channels are impacting ecommerce and how they stack up against each other in the lead up to the 2013 Holiday Shopping Season.
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