150 Million Users on the Internet

150 Million Users on the Internet

comScore Media Metrix announced that in September, the total number of U.S. Internet users passed the 150 million mark for the first time ever. Further, the total amount of time spent by Americans on the Internet grew by 3 percent in September, although the month of September is one day, or 3 percent, shorter than August.

"That this medium has now crossed a threshold of 150 million users is a reminder that while it continues to mature, the Web also continues to expand its reach among the total U.S. population every day," said Peter Daboll, president of comScore Media Metrix

In September, there were three new entrants to the Top 50 Properties ranking. Verisign's launch of SiteFinder, which redirects mistyped URLs to its site, drove a sharp spike of 540 percent in unique visitors.

Internet users tracking the progress of Hurricane Isabel drove gains in almost every property in the online Weather category, and an increase of 10 percent in visitors to the Weather category overall. And the Department of Commerce drew 45 percent more Americans, many of whom sought official government updates on the storm.

Many of September's top gaining properties, such as, Encyclopaedia Britannica and Family Education Network, surged as both students and their parents turned to the Web for educational and other resources with the start of the school year.

The beginning of the National Football League season and Major League Baseball pennant races sent 4.5 million more fans to the Sports category - a gain of 9 percent versus August.

Total Minutes Spent Online Home, Work and University Locations September 2003

Aug-03 (in millions) Sep-03 (in millions)% Change
Total Internet 236,728244,1213.1%
Home 142,631140,337-1.6%
University 14,49420,07138.5%

Source: comScore Media Metrix

Top10 Properties Total U.S. Unique Visitors - Home, Work and University Locations September 2003

Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet Users150,045
1 MSN-Microsoft Sites 110,167
2 AOL Time Warner - Proprietary & WWW109,335
3 Yahoo! Sites108,096
4 Ebay62,577
5 Google Sites56,270
6 Terra Lycos51,605
7 About/Primedia43,656
8 Amazon Sites36,295
9 Gator Network34,158
10 Excite Network32,750

Source: comScore Media Metrix

Top Gaining Categories/Sub-Categories Total U.S Unique Visitors - Home, Work and University Locations September 2003

Aug-03 Unique Visitors (000)Sep-03 Unique Visitors (000)% Change
Total Internet Users148,811150,0450.8%
Retail-Food8,3249,732 16.9%
Weather 38,10041,7579.6%
Sports48,169 52,6339.3%
Flowers/Gifts/Greetings23,576 25,3737.6%
Entertainment-TV44,085 47,1547.0%
Hobbies-Lifestyles-Food22,959 24,3225.9%
Hobbies/Lifestyles-Home26,384 27,9095.8%
Online Trading10,739 11,2564.8%
Entertainment-Music62,210 65,1164.7%

Source: comScore Media Metrix

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