SurferNet Kids Are in the Swim

SurferNet Kids Are in the Swim

Nielsen//NetRatings released a report that shows that in September, more than 27 million Internet kids between the ages of 2-17 logged online from home in September 2003... one out of five Web surfers. LIke the offline world, the 2-17 and 12-17 age demographics have markedly different online tastes.

Nielsen//NetRatings also highlighted the U.S. regions with the greatest concentration of Internet savvy kids. Leading the way, Salt Lake City had 255,000 Internet savvy kids, representing 25 percent of the region's at-home Internet audience...

"Children accounted for one in four at home Internet users in Salt Lake City as compared to the other top ten local markets, which reported one in five," said Dawn Brozek, senior analyst, Nielsen//NetRatings. "Many markets now have a high percentage of Internet savvy kids, which marks the Internet as a significant delivery channel in reaching this demographic."

Top Five Online Destinations Most Visited by the 2-11 and 12-17 Demographic Groups, September 2003 (U.S., Home)

Age 2-11
SiteUnique Audience Composition (%)Unique Audience (000)
1. Diva Starz54203
2. ToonTown Online47415
3. Polly Pocket46235
4. Barbie41452
5. DisneyChannel.com391,061

Age 12-17
SiteUnique Audience Composition (%)Unique Audience (000)
1. Originalicons.com78353
2. Blunt Truth76496
3. Teen People74209
4. FireHotQuotes.com73251
5. Buddy4u.com73279

Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, September 2003

Top 5 Major Markets for Internet Savvy Kids Aged 2-17 (U.S. Home and Work)

Local Market*Unique Audience Composition (%)Unique Audience (000)
1. Salt Lake City25%255
2. Cincinnati24%216
3. Boston22%633
4. Sacramento22%360
5. Phoenix22%415

Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, September 2003
*"Local Market" is a designated market area (DMA) as mapped out and trademarked by Nielsen Media Research.

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