Singles and Marrieds Surf on Different Waves

Singles and Marrieds Surf on Different Waves

According to the release of recent reports by Nielsen//NetRatings@Plan Fall 2003, married surfers took the lead in e-commerce activities. According to the data, 10 percent more married surfers made an online purchase than was expected as compared to the average. More than 52 percent of married surfers made an online purchase during the period as compared to 47 percent of singles making an online purchase.

Purchases also mirrored the varied interests of single and married surfers. Top items purchased within the last six months by married surfers were related to home life, such as garden supplies and educational software. For single surfers, online purchases concentrated on entertainment and financial services.

Items Purchased for Singles vs. Married Surfers (U.S., 18+ Data)

Purchase-SingleSgl IndexPurchase-MarriedMar. Index
1. Student Loans1361. Drugs/Remedies/Pres.119
2. Credit Card1172. Home Improvement119
3. Video Game Cart.1173. Edu.Computer Software117
4. Computer Games1134. Gardening Tools/Supp.117
5. Music CD's/Tapes1115. Toys/Non-Computer Games117

Source: Nielsen//NetRatings @Plan Fall 2003

Top destinations between single and married surfers revealed life style variations that are generally true in the offline world. For singles, seven of the top 10 online destinations were dating/personal related.

"When children are worked into the equation for oft-overly extended married individuals, the convenience of online shopping can't be beat," said Jason Levin, Internet analyst, Nielsen//NetRatings. "For married surfers, the Web seems to be a far more functional rather than recreational resource."

For married surfers, six of the top ten frequented sites were family/child-oriented., had the highest composition of married surfers at 85 percent.

Top Ad-Supported Sites for Single vs. Married Individuals (U.S., 18+ Data)

Top Sites-Married% OnlineIndex Top Sites-Singles% OnlineIndex
1. Match.com84.4252 1. FamilyFun 85.8 131
2. TheSpark.com83.6 249 2. BabyCenter 83.8 128
3. Gay.com80.4 240 3. American baby 82.9 126
4. 80.4 240 4. Nick Jr. 82.8 126
5. Date.com79.5 237 5. iVillage80.1 122
6. PlanetOutPartners77.5 231 6. PBS Kids 79.7 121
7. PlanetOut 75.4 225 7. 78.9 120
8. SparkNotes73.5 219 8. GolfOnline 77.8 119
9. Yahoo! Personals70.9 211 9. 77.8 118
10. Student Advntage69.2 206 10. Edgar Online 77.5 118

Source: Nielsen//NetRatings @Plan Fall 2003

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