Major Agency Picks Solbright for Campaign Management

  • October 18, 2000
Solbright, Inc, a leading provider of ASP solutions that automate interactive advertising workflows, today announced that M. Gould & Co, a full-service advertising agency specializing in strategic relationship marketing, has selected Solbright as a partner in managing and automating its media planning, media buying, and campaign management. M. Gould & Co is working with Solbright to enhance its online media planning, media buying, and campaign management by utilizing Solbright's Dispatch(tm) system.

The Dispatch system streamlines campaign management workflow and simplifies the planning, buying, and reporting processes for online media. The Dispatch system includes management of media buys and traffic instructions, creative testing, generation of insertion orders, contact maintenance, pre and post buy reporting (through client-side tracking technology deployed by Solbright), client-side response measurement, historical data collection, and communication between departments within an agency and with clients.

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