More Branding Impact Than Banner Ads

  • September 26, 2000
In the online advertising world, rarely does a month go by without an unveiling of a new online ad format. And almost all newcomers start off by touting their superiority over the banner. Today is no exception.

According to a new study, LiquidSite's patent-pending embedded imaging technology - LiquidImages - is a more effective online branding vehicle than a banner ad.

According to the company's description of the format, LiquidSite technology transforms Web images into interactive images or "LiquidImages" that reveal hidden layers of editorial content, streaming audio and video, advertising information and e-commerce capabilities.

The study, conducted by Dynamic Logic, surveyed approximately 1,000 female Internet users to quantify the branding effectiveness of a LiquidImage versus a standard banner, exposing them to either a banner ad or a LiquidImage displaying the same advertising message. According to Dynamic Logic, user feedback overwhelmingly demonstrated that LiquidImages significantly increase consumers' recall. The metrics sought were advertising awareness, purchase intent, advertising recall and product knowledge.



The study's findings included: * More viewers of a LiquidImage stated they were more likely to buy a product than viewers exposed to a standard banner ad.

* Viewers of a LiquidImage reported greater knowledge and awareness of the products offered than viewers who saw a standard banner ad.

* Viewers of a LiquidImage had a lower concern for download speed versus that of banner ad; despite it being a "rich" media product.

* Viewers of a LiquidImage interacted with LiquidImages 68% of the time.

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