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Fox's Van Susteren Vulnerable to Beck's Success, Palin Ties

Greta Van Susteren, a Fox News prime-time host, is being scrutinized for a questionably close relationship to Sarah Palin. It seems that Van Susteren's husband, John Coates, is a political adviser to the Alaska governor. Questions about the Palin link, combined with the overnight success of Glenn Beck at Fox News, makes observers wonder if Beck might soon get Van Susteren's spot.

Insiders say Beck has already been viewed as a possible replacement for Van Susteren, who represents the weakest link in Fox's otherwise indomitable lineup. Van Susteren's ratings are getting smashed by Beck, whose show, despite airing in the ghetto that is 5 p.m., is already the network's third-highest-rated program.

So far, Fox says the switch won't happen, in part, because the network has always had a woman in its prime-time lineup and Fox News chief Roger Ailes is reluctant to change that.



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