I make a point of checking out Google's entities on April 1. In the early days I fell for the company's rather believable April Fools Day pranks... now I just make sure to check them out after midnight. This year, they're not alone. Here are a few links to some "lolz" I've noticed today:

This year's Gmail Autopilot is a riot.

Goog's Twitter account was also "seized" by CADIE overnight. The Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity (#wtf?) has compiled Web design best practices on its blog, a must-see for any Web designer.

Over @SouthwestAir, an early morning tweet pointed to a blog post with a touch of humor:

Southwest Airlines announced today that the Company has absolutely no plans to expand service between the carrier’s newest market in the Twin Cities and the Mile High City with three new daily nonstop flights. Southwest did admit, however, that if the airline were to add service between the two cities, there is no way that fares would be as low as $89 one-way, not including fees and taxes.
The post quickly points out/corrects with the truth.

Even Starbuck's is getting in on the action via its Twitter feed, with this tease for Coffee through USB: The gag even has a Twitter feed of its own. (Can you imagine what that would really cost in S'buck's pricing?)

I'm glad to see companies with a sense of humor in this economy. Hey - maybe Twitter will go an entire day without the "Fail Whale!"

Ha! April Fools on that.

Did I miss one? Must not have been in my social stream... Tis, tis! :P Leave your comment below with any of your favorites ...

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