Podcasts: No Wonder They're so Popular

  • by , April 17, 2009

I don’t listen to a whole lot of radio. If I’m at home, I’ll generally listen to music on my computer or on vinyl (kind of polar opposites, I guess…). The only time I ever listen to the radio regularly is in my car, and 90% of the time, it’s NPR.

I’ve never been a huge Podcaster, either. Since I pretty much only listen to NPR, and since they’re always playing SO MUCH interesting content, I’ve never had the need to dive into the digital archives; I can just turn on the radio now and here something worth listening to.
But for some reason, over the weekend, I really had a hankering to listen to “Car Talk.” I’m not even a very mechanically inclined person, I just listening to the hosts (Click and Clack, the Tappit Bros.) bicker back and forth, and they’re good at making anyone understand what they’re talking about (I highly recommend this show). Anyway, like I said, I had a hankering to listen to “Car Talk,” but the Sunday re-broadcast wasn’t going to be on until later when I was at a family dinner.



So I thought, why not listen to a Podcast? And I did. And it was great!

I’m not about to start subscribing to Podcasts, but it was insanely convenient (and probably even more so, if I were to just have them automatically download to my computer). I can definitely understand why people subscribe to them religiously, and I probably would subscribe, too, if I had an iPod.

And you know what? All of this talking about different Podcasts is making me curious about what’s available through iTunes…

I think I’m going to cut this off now, and start browsing the libraries. Maybe I’ll revisit Podcasts in another post in the not too distant future, and let you know what I’ve found.

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  1. Ross Hougland from ESPN Radio, April 21, 2009 at 2:42 p.m.

    podcasts are great...almost like TiVo for radio. almost. still wish i could pause live radio, rewind, etc.

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