Phase2Media a Leader with 40 Million Names

  • February 16, 2001
In less than one year, Phase2Media, an Internet advertising sales and marketing organization, has launched itself into the forefront of the email marketing industry, amassing over 40 million stand-alone and newsletter email names. The 40 million names make Phase2Media Email a leader in the email marketing arena, offering advertisers an email marketing solution that combines premium online and offline brands with sophisticated targeting capabilities. Since its introduction, some of the largest and fastest growing lists in the industry have chosen Phase2Media's email division to represent their properties.,, and Phase2Media's own stand-alone database, anchor Phase2Media's stand-alone email opportunities. Phase2Media first distinguished itself for its focus on branded, single-site representation, expanded its business to include a distinct email and newsletter division in April of 2000. Currently, Phase2Media Email focuses on email list rental, sales, brokerage and segmentation. - Adam Bernard
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