Marketing Smarter Is About Making The Right Choices

The new realities of our current economy have impacted many sectors, and the changes make it more important than ever to market smarter.

Based on research into market trends and feedback from our customers, here are recommendations to achieve marketing success for the rest of 2009. All of these recommendations have something in common: better decision-making when it comes to marketing choices.

Make the most out of finite resources. Number one, understand what your executive team expects your company's marketing investments to deliver. Together, you should define clear and realistic objectives and establish metrics to measure marketing performance.

Second, consider dropping programs that haven't proven to be effective or can't be measured, and replace them with programs that have shown to deliver quality leads as well as provide performance metrics. Quality leads are those coming from motivated prospects who fit your target customer profile and whose contact information is made available to you, providing you the opportunity to begin a dialogue. As for performance metrics, online programs are the easiest to measure: they are built on views, clicks and conversions.



Diversify your marketing portfolio. Diversification of your marketing portfolio is important because your audience uses multiple sources to find components and suppliers, as well as conduct research. Today, the majority of these sources are online. Your customers visit industrial Web sites, use more than one search engine, and subscribe to relevant e-newsletters.

As a marketer, your job is putting your company, products and services in those places where customers and prospects can find you. In other words, fish where the fish are.

Remember two words: frequency, consistency. Even with finite resources, it's vital to maintain a level of frequency and consistency. Stay in front of your customers and prospects; don't disappear for stretches at a time. If that means you need to focus marketing efforts on a few of your strongest market sectors, do so.

The benefits of regular visibility accrue over time as more prospects recognize your company. This improves your opportunity to get on a prospect's short list of potential vendors, and also shortens the sales cycle. Demand exists even in a challenging market. Only those companies that maintain their presence through marketing will stay in the minds of customers and prospects.

Plan for a consistent and frequent online presence on Web sites, directories and search engines your customers use and the e-newsletters they read. Your company will achieve stronger brand awareness and more measurable lead generation with online marketing programs.

Adjust your marketing message. This is a great time to evaluate your message to your target market. What do your customers stand to gain by using your products and services during a challenging economy? Is part of your value proposition efficiency or cost savings, or do you offer support and service that sets you apart from competitors and lowers risk for your customers? Use current economic conditions to your advantage when planning your market messaging.

In summary: Today it is more important than ever to market smarter. Stay in front of your target audience and, if necessary, shift your focus to your strongest market sectors. Websites, directories and search engines as well as e-newsletters and ad networks are some of the most efficient ways to put your company's products and services in front of the right audience. Online marketing programs also give you the ability to measure your marketing programs and build brand awareness.

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  1. Tony Anderson from Incline Video, July 2, 2009 at 3:28 p.m.

    Frequency sells!

  2. Chris Gale from Datapop, July 6, 2009 at 1:02 a.m.

    I totally agree with your article (and Sue and Gray), we're helping marketers create smarter marketing by automatically building out thousands of hyper targeted ads. Marketers that take their message to multiple platforms (PPC, SEO, Banner ads, etc) always get better results, but it can be hard to put out a properly tailored message en masse. The more people learn about how to create better marketing, the better received we'll be in the marketplace. Thank you!

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