Bolt Launches Wireless Advertising for Teens

  • November 16, 2000
Bolt, Inc., the communications platform for 15-to-20-year olds, yesterday introduced its first interactive wireless advertising effort with the launch of a Nintendo ad campaign aimed at young men, who comprise 40% of Bolt's 3.7 million members.

Through partnerships with AT&T Wireless Services, Sprint PCS, Verizon, and others, Bolt will use the wireless service distribution networks to deliver text-based and WAP-formatted advertising across the partner networks.

The company also announced that it has joined SkyGo's wireless marketing study, currently in progress, which is designed to test the efficacy of advertising and direct promotions on Internet-enabled cell phones.

Bolt's inaugural wireless advertisement was served for Nintendo to 15-to 20-year old males, who opted in to receive "What's Cool on Bolt" updates on their wireless devices.

By taking part in SkyGo's consumer trial, Bolt's wireless advertising is being served to all study participants, including college students, who will be introduced to Bolt's communications tools at SkyGo issued 1,000 Internet-enabled phones as part of its study, which will run through January 2001.



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