Pizza Hut Initiates Twintern Twitter Contest

  • July 26, 2009
Pizza Hut has launched a contest in which its summer "twintern," responsible for staying in touch with the brand's followers via Twitter and other social media, will deliver its new The Edge pizzas to winners.

Consumers are being asked to tweet or email their "on the edge" summer locations between now and Aug. 11 for a chance to win one of five pizza parties featuring the new pizzas. Entrants are encouraged to define "on the edge" creatively. Examples provided range from being on the edge of the Grand Canyon for vacation to being on the edge at one's summer job. Twintern Alexa Robinson will choose winners by selecting the "edgiest" locations.

The Edge pizzas, available for a limited time in three varieties, feature layered toppings that extend from one edge of the crust to the other. A medium size pie is priced at $9.99.--Tanya Irwin



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