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A Brew-Ha-Ha Over This Evening's White House Gathering

So here's the bottom line about who'll be drinking what at the "let's-grab-a-beer" summit at the White House tonight. Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. will reportedly have Red Stripe, a Jamacian brew owned by Diageo, according to Scott Horsley. Sgt. James Crowley, the Cambridge officer who arrested him, is said to favor the MillerCoor's faux craft beer, Blue Moon.

Obviously, making those choices is not as simple as ordering up a brewski at the corner bar. In fact, Time reports that the Boston Globe reports that the White House has only served domestic, American-made beer since the Johnson administration. But that rumor was put to rest by former White House executive chef Walter Scheib (1994-2005), who says that like any home, the White House stocks and serves whatever the family that occupies it enjoys.

And President Obama, you ask? He'll sip America's most popular beer, Bud Light, of course. Yes, yes, we all know that Belgium-Brazilian In-Bev now owns it. It still makes for a headline in St. Louis.

Writes the Post-Dispatch's Jeremiah McWilliams: "Talk about a branding opportunity for Anheuser-Busch InBev -- and, by extension, for St. Louis, the company's North American headquarters. The President has already made known his affinity for pizza from Pi, the restaurant in the Delmar Loop. Clearly, Obama knows how to rep the 'Lou, as we say out here.




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