Be A Big Fish In A Little Market

  • by April 30, 2001
Be A Big Fish In A Little Market

Renee Cassis, VP Corporate Marketing, at the Radio Advertising Bureau, writes that the RAB has concluded its annual March, 2001 NTR survey to determine how radio stations across the country are pursuing Non-Traditional Revenue (NTR). Of significant importance to agencies, these "events" offer unique opportunities for advertisers to introduce cost effective, creative programs in local markets.

The survey found that 65% of the respondents came from stations in markets with a population under 500,000. And, 50% of the stations indicated that they would never consider an NTR campaign that did not include Radio. 33% stated that less than half of the time they offer NTR campaigns that do not incorporate Radio as a marketing element.

- 91% of respondents participate in some kind of event marketing
- 37% stated that three to five annual events generate the majority of their event marketing revenue
- 95% of the stations offer sponsorships
- 87% offer booth space or signage
- 77% provide sampling
- 63% provide couponing
- 67% of the stations explore Cause-Related Marketing

"Going forward, Radio stations will find ways to develop even more NTR business, reaching out to clients with innovative marketing solutions," said Gary Fries, President & CEO of RAB.

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