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Ten Of The Most Overhyped Products Of All Time

This business and personal finance site has a tightly written, cautionary roundup of products that have suffered from too much hype and too little substance over the years.

Some are must-have perennials on lists like these. Roberto C. Goizueta, the CEO responsible for the launch of a Coke with a different formula must have rued the day he heard the word "New" for the rest of his life. Ditto the still-vertical John Sculley about the Apple Newton, which took the polish off the former Pepsi CEO's theretofore-impeccable credentials as a master marketer.

Some other choices -- such as the new Yankee Stadium, Dubai and corn ethanol -- may invite a little push-back a few years down the road. Then there's McDonald's Arch Deluxe and Nintendo's Virtual Boy. "Whosie?" you say? Precisely. Rounding out the list are Segway, Olestra and Chinese Democracy -- the long-awaited Guns N' Roses album, not the spawn of Tiananmen Square.



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