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Time Warner Cable To Leapfrog DVR With Anytime Viewing

  • Bloomberg, Wednesday, September 30, 2009 10:28 PM

Time Warner Cable is planning to let digital-television customers watch shows whenever they want without paying more for a video recorder. The new approach is designed to persuade customers to keep watching cable instead of switching to the Internet for shows. Time Warner has found 80% of people who watch on the Web do so to catch up on missed programs.

The project, called Enhanced TV, has features that allow customers to watch hit shows without planning ahead. "It's a leapfrog over the DVR," says chief strategy officer Peter Stern. Subscribers can also restart programs if they missed the beginning and watch shows after the air date.

Start Over, the feature that allows viewers to restart programs, is halfway through its rollout, while Look Back, which lets customers watch three-day-old programs, is only available in Hawaii and South Carolina so far. The feature that allows viewing of shows more than three days old, called On Channel On Demand, is in development, Stern says.



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