SUPERSTITIALs to Run on Netpulse Workout Machines

  • December 18, 2000
Netpulse Media Networks (, a convergent media network serving active lifestyle consumers, and Unicast (, developer of the SUPERSTITIAL, today announced that Netpulse Media Networks will enable its network, deployed in health & fitness centers, to receive and display SUPERSTITIAL advertisements.

The Netpulse Network reaches a highly targeted group of more than 1 million captive consumers each month in over 700 health clubs nationwide. Within 18 months, company officials say, the current and contracted installations will serve in excess of 11 million consumers worldwide.

Netpulse users begin their workouts by entering a user name, or registering as a new user. Once the workout session begins, a SUPERSTITIAL ad plays. Following the SUPERSTITIAL, the user can select one of several other information or entertainment options including: surfing the web, TV, radio, video on demand or email. SUPERSTITIAL ads also can be set to play upon a user's entry into each user selectable/menu option, creating a highly targetable environment for advertisers seeking particular demographics.

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