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Prius App Users Co-create Times Square Billboards

  • Mashable, Wednesday, October 28, 2009 10:20 PM
In August, Toyota released a free Prius Experience app for the iPhone. This week, the app's interactive element is jumping from the small screen of the iPhone to the big screen. Digital billboards from Reuters and NASDAQ in New York's Times Square are putting content that users create within the Prius Experience app on display.

One of the options in the app is to "draw shapes to interact with the Prius." Users are given instructions to use their finger to draw an image on the screen. When done, they see their drawing populate the digital plane of the app. They then have option to submit their creations for broadcast on one of the digital displays in Times Square.

Digital creations are being updated on the live displays in real time throughout the day, and people can check out the different artwork via the livecams on the Times Square website.



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